Bellingham Rental Search Engine Breaks 1000 Unique Visitors per Month (again)

June 2006 Perfect Space stats just hit a milestone (again). We’ve surpassed 1000 unique visitors this month. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people, but to us, it is.

In June 2004, we surpassed 2000 unique visitors per month. Then, the traffic trickled to a slow crawl until the business was brought back to life with the help of Brent Cowden. With his network and enthusiasm, we’ve broken through the 1000 mark once again, which means people are using it on a consistent basis. Even better, we’re actually making money this time.

When we break the 2000 mark, I’ll write another post and we’ll have a party. That mark will be more difficult since this is the prime time for tenants to search for new rental properties in college towns like Bellingham and San Diego. From here on out, I expect our unique visitor growth to level off a bit.

However, because Landmark Property Management recently put on 25 new listings, we may have a little more growth than we expected. Thanks Landmark.

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