Where Do You Find Events?

When I lived in Bellingham, I had a hard time finding things to do around town. It could be that the town is devoid of variety of things to do. Or, it could be that there’s just no way to find out what’s going on in town unless you’re part of Facebook.

Now that I live in San Diego, I find a similar problem. I know San Diego is big enough to have a ton of things going on, but I’ve only seen 2 websites (www.sosd.com and www.eventful.com) that have any decent amount of ever-changing events.

So, my main question here is (and I truely do want your feedback). Where do you go to find out what’s going on in your town? Newspapers or newspaper inserts? Single-event flyers posted around town? A particular website for your area?

Nate Ritter lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

One Comment on "Where Do You Find Events?"

  1. laundrymam says:

    I go to the laundromat. Good bulletin board there (smile), also the newspapers, and folks that know things (another smile.)

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