Eventful Hits MTV

MTV Logo Eventful.com was just written up on MTV.com with a nice article about Ozomatli getting demanded.

The article explains, spot on, what Eventful demands are all about.

Although it’s only a few months old and still in its beta phase, Demand has already accumulated 4,000 requests. It works like this: A user can create a demand for a band, author or any type of event in a particular locality. Once support for the demand reaches a specific “critical mass” number, Eventful will act as an online agent and approach the performer with the request. The site keeps users updated as to whether or not the artist has agreed to the gig, as well as the details of the scheduled event if all goes according to plan.

And there’s proof that Eventful can work: A campaign on the site by Bostonians convinced actor/author/celebrity blogger Wil Wheaton to set up a book reading and signing that drew more than 200 people. Current demands include requests for former “American Idol” stars Constantine Maroulis, Anthony Fedorov and Kimberley Locke, as well as multi-culti funk band Ozomatli, pop folkie Ben Jelen and electro-rock outfit Mute Math.

Feel free to read the whole article on MTV.com.

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