Courtesy Cars

A co-worker of mine walked into the office this morning with a brilliant comment.

If you are driving a courtesy car from a BMW dealership that’s a Toyota, you know you’re either on the s*** list, and they know you’re not going to upgrade or buy anything from them, OR, your car isn’t going to be done for months.

I thought that was hilarious. But, moreso, we came up with the same thought that if you have enough money (or credit and balls) to have a BMW, then you should be upsold very easily.

Why not give a slightly more feature filled or upgraded car out as your courtesy car? Make them envious of the new stuff. The new features. The new power. The leather heated seats. Whatever.

Why not use that opportunity to purchase a newer car? Our senses are tuned to the courtesy car we’re driving now anyway because of the fact that it’s different. We’re forced to. Why not educate your users that they don’t have the best of the best anymore?

Eat your heart out Seth Godin.

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