Why Apple Will Take Over the Computer Industry

I know, I know. The WWJD (What Would Jobs Do) Developers Conference is on now and every Mac geek and hippie is watching with hypnotic eyes all those techie-type websites. We’re drooling at new hardware, new operating systems, and new little goodies to come.

And we should be.

But, for those of us schitzo’s who can turn off our geekiness for a while and think in terms of business or general user adoption, we should also be drooling. Why? Because Apple is poised to take over the world. Our world.

Think about it. First, Apple has an OS that can run on just about any hardware. It’s based on Linux, which makes the geeks (read: early adopters) love it. It’s also beautiful and the UI (user interface) is built to be easy to use and intuitive. That makes the new Mac converts (read: the general public) love it.

Second, the small business types, like me and so many others before me, are enjoying the power and ease of use in the Mac world-view. There are plenty of applications to compete with any Microsoft product out there (except for Access as far as I know, but I also don’t know anyone who uses Access anymore either).

Third, the general public has new toys, like the iPod, to push us towards the Mac too. Popularity for one product naturally spills over to check out another product.

Personally, I declare this the upward curve of the revolution.

As a side note, I also think this is another reason why Bill is leaving Microsoft in 2008. I don’t think he wants to be there when Microsoft has problems losing marketshare. Sure, he can hide behind his new business, ahem, non-profit. But, look at his history. He’s a calculated man, and he knows when he can win, and when he can’t. He’s never made a move he didn’t think he could win at.

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6 Comments on "Why Apple Will Take Over the Computer Industry"

  1. Will says:

    There are plenty of applications to compete with any Microsoft product out there…

    How about Visual Studio, SQL Enterprise Manager, .NET Framework. You could probably say Mono but I haven’t heard much about it and I think the idea is much better than the reality of it. The Mono Project site hasn’t been touched since May. Besides, it’s not a Macintosh framework.

    I also don’t know anyone who uses Access anymore either…

    I agree with this as I don’t believe Access is a real database technology. Interestingly enough I find mySQL to be strikingly simiilar to Access from a syntactical standpoint. I wasn’t aware that Macintosh had a proprietary database engine.

    Just because something is pretty and easy to use does not necessarily mean it will become the status quo. If that was the case then everyone would be driving a Cadillac or a Bentley as I am sure that either of these automobiles are much more user-friendly than a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

  2. nate says:


    Awesome points! As for Visual Studio, SQL Enterprise Manager and the .NET Framework, I don’t have much to say since none of those are my realm. I started to leave Microsoft’s platform just before they went to the .NET Framework. If someone else has some insight here, I’d love to hear it.

    For the other ones, I guess if you’re talking about appliction building, then yea, you’re still going to be working with Microsoft products. That’s kind of inherited in the question too, though, because 90% of the people you’re probably developing for are Windows users. I guess I was referring more to the applications built for SOHO users and the general public. When the general public changes, that revolution leaks into the corporate culture to some degree. The combo of the general public and a decent percentage of small to mid sized business users will make the marketshare swing wildly to the other side. When/if that happens, the developers of those applications will have to follow where the larger percentage is to keep their jobs.

    Thus, the application developers are mainly a following tail of who has the marketshare. When that swings, you can be assured that new competitors will rise to the occasion of challenging the apps you mentioned.

  3. Some Guy says:

    Dude, Mac OS X isn’t “based on Linux”. Linux is a UNIX-like kernel, which Apple doesn’t use. Apple’s OS uses the Mach kernel, combined with BSD code to provide the UNIX process model.

  4. TC says:

    I think Apple is going to take over the world. Here is a neat point though, Microsoft owns 59% of Apple.

    I think Bill Gates has reconized that if he introduces a lousy perfectly imperfect operating system ( Vista) He can recapture the world market and actually get people to pay for it. In case you don’t know this, Vista’s job is to eliminate software that was not paid for worldwide.

  5. nate says:

    Are you serious about M$ owning 59% of Apple? Where did you get that stat from? I’d love to see that.

    As for Vista, I don’t care what the crap it was for. It’s not good and has very little added value to the world of Microsofties.

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