Motorola Q vs. Treo 700W

Motorola QPalm Treo 700wThe following is a short personal perspective mini-review from one of our readers here, Mike Jevin.

It comes down to a personal perspective; for me, I replaced the Treo with the Q (after 2 months) because my primary function is a Phone first, PDA second. If Verizon Wireless would allow my Motorola RAZR to sync with Outlook, I would never have bought either one to begin with, but that’s a whole other issue.

I’ve had PDA’s since 1999 (phones long before that), starting with Compaq’s Aero 2100 and on with a few IPaq series handhelds, but never a single unit until the Treo 700W. Don’t get the wrong idea, as a PDA, the Treo is great. But like most PDA’s, it takes two hands to do just about anything worthwhile, whereas, the Q is one-handed operation (critical while driving).

There are many professional reviews available on the Web giving a Buyer all the Pros/Cons for each unit, but for most buyers, it should come down to a personal preference. Like I stated above, for me, it’s a Phone first, PDA second. It just so happens the Q handles both, perfectly.

One more “point” I’ll like to make: Reviewers state “the Q’s battery life stinks”.

There is a good reason. You’re always doing something on it, so buy extra batteries!!

Thanks for your perspective Mike!

Do you have a review or comparison of any phones? Send them to me and I’ll post them here and give attribution to you and/or your site.

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3 Comments on "Motorola Q vs. Treo 700W"

  1. james says:

    Funny, I can’t operate the Q with one hand, but I can the 700p.

  2. Anamika says:

    That’s awesome! I’m thinking of switching from a RAZR to a Q because of the email capabilities in the phone, but as you pointed out, I will be using it primarily as a phone so that is why it is overcoming the TREO for me as well. Good post!

  3. V0X says:

    I like the Treo more because of the mod-ability of the device. I love hacking the electronic devices I buy like the iPod Touch, and the Treo is far more receptive to things like overclocking, games, etc. Like the iPhone, the Q is a closed-write device, so it’s far more difficult and annoying to hack into it and add extra software and stuff. Also note that Microsoft releases and supports a bunch of software for Windows Mobile (700w) and it’s very easy to install, whereas the Q’s software needs to be downloaded and installed over the wireless network you’re using.

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