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Lightbulb I’ve been mulling around the NeedFillers concept quite a bit lately and finally, with the help of my wife, distilled the concept into an outline of a speach or essay. I was preparing to talk about it tonight at a group called Acts of Kindness.

Quite a few benifits have come from the distillation process. I did BoNDs, flow diagrams, and outlines. I wrote out my own vision. And, I wrote out the vision of an organization I’m .. um.. envisioning (“Hi, I’m from the department of redundancy department”).

I’ve realized the greatest passion being cultivated in my life is three-fold:

  1. Genuinely care for people in community
  2. Remove the distraction of Maslow’s Pyramid (physiological, safety, belonging, esteem) needs
  3. Building people up in encouragement, confidence building, dream following, empowerment
  4. The idea: I’ve been thinking of creating a new blog or (community of sorts) dedicated to the news and cultivation of systems and small groups of people who want to follow the above mantra.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. What could it look like?

    Interestingly enough, just as I posted this, a Passion Contest was just created. And, something that makes me want to enter it is that they are using my favorite strategy book of all time… Blue Ocean Strategy. Consider me entered.

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