Stop Talking. More Doing.

Ben Casnocha, an 18 year old entrepreneur and writer asks the question, what’s the difference between a talker and a doer?

His friend wrote him and asked:

(1) From a general perspective, what do you think explains the difference between people who talk the talk and those who execute?

(2) From a specific perspective, what’s your mindset/strategy/physiological states that fuel your day to day work? Think about an onerous project you started recently, what specifically got you going?

I believe one piece of the pie regarding “action habits” has to do with that short term future to a certain degree. But, there is another facet to it. Namely, being able to consistently 1) prioritize tasks according to importance rather than urgency, and 2) complete high priority tasks on a regular, daily basis.

The completion of those high priority tasks facilitate the encouragement for the commitment to self you’ve mentioned. It also generates a confidence in success and a traceable path towards an end goal or objective. Being actionable is like adrenaline. Once you’re hooked on it, you want it more and more. The first few times, however, scare the crap out of you.

I’ve written about procrastination and just doing it before. So far, I’ve come up with some decent ideas, some of which I’ve created, but few of which I’ve followed through to the point of marketing the ideas and maintaining them. Even so, I’ve found just getting up (or staying up) and doing them make life a little more exciting.

Now it’s your turn. What gets you going? What makes you stop all your chatter and start moving forward? What’s the difference between someone who does, and someone who just talks? What type are you?

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One Comment on "Stop Talking. More Doing."

  1. Ben Casnocha says:

    Good point about completing high priority tasks on a daily basis. Doing something regularly can make it a habit.

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