Experiment in Blogging

Experiment in Blogging

I will transpose the entire entry below, for both search engine purposes, and for readability. However, I believe there is some value in the entry in analog form, which is why it’s included here.

A few days ago I decided to commit blogging suicide agin and change my theme up. It’s dangerous, but I need variety. I also love minimalism and the last theme wasn’t clean enough for me.

Today I decided to commit blogging suicide in another way… to photograph or scan any actual writing and use that as my blog post I think I’ll need to figure out if I should rewrite/transpose the entry into text for you, since you might not be able to read my writing all the time.

But, none the less, I thought this would be fun for a while.

It’s kind of raw to be able to see where someone screws up a word, misspells, or loses a thought or phrase.

Plus, my handwriting isn’t too terribly illegible and it gives me room to doodle …..

Enjoy – and feedback is always welcome!

I need a better pen…. this sucks!

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