Who Do You Want to Influence?

I was listening to Dave Taylor‘s talk on business blogging. Most of it was ok, but one thing that stuck out was a point he was making on influence and bloggers. He mentioned a few celebrity personas and who they influence. They each have a huge impact on the businesses and brands they talk about within their audience.

Bloggers have a slice of that. Yes, even the smallest blogger. You might have one person show up on your site regularly. That person is watching you for some reason. You have influence. The question for bloggers is who do you want to influence?

The reason that’s the question for bloggers is because of search engines. Search engines are simply a method where someone looking for something targetted can find that something. Did you hear that? They were looking for something, and found your article. You now have an audience.

The point is, what you write about influences people. Who those people are is dependant on what you talk about. That may seem obvious, but I don’t think it is.

If you want to change the world, talk about how.

If you want to stop the world from buying from the guavas, talk/write about guavas.

You’re not going to get your point across if you’re talking about what you ate for breakfast.

Start doing (in this case talking/writing).

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