Mommy Bloggers Unite!

Another break from the analog blogging. But, if you don’t catch the importance of this post, you’ll look back and kick yourself when this hits. I know I will.

Misha Thompson Misha Thompson once reviled at my snide reference to her “mommy-blog”. Now, she is embracing it with one of the most eloquent articles I’ve read.

The banalities of sippie cups and play-dates may be just that, but many have yet to discuss and acknowledge the intellectual outlet of such a collective force of well educated women navigating the routines of the home front.

They know how to blog.

How does this apply to business, strategy, or technology? How does it not? This is the essence of a new wave. A tsunami, in fact.

The sale of MySpace as a social network was monsterous (in terms of cash). It broke new ground. It actually tapped the 12-18 year old market for the first time en masse. But, I believe, it’s nothing like the sneaker that we’ve got coming.

Mommy bloggers are looked down upon (even by me, for a while). Sippy cup toting, peanut butter giving, butt wiping adoration, depression, exaltation. These moms are creating community without even one company’s aggregation. They are doing it by themselves, the way we geeks used to do it. They may be late into the game by internet standards in terms of adoption of technology. But, I think Misha and her fellow mommies and friends have more understanding of community than we geeks ever will.

And what do we do about it? A tsunami starts about an inch high in the middle of the ocean. It’s hardly even noticable. To detect a tsunami, we have to be able to measure earthquakes first, water displacement (among other stuff) next, and then get the heck out of the way (or for this metaphor, grab your surfboard and get out in front of it). I’m telling you now, Misha is writing about the inch high surface displacement of millions of women who have a few moments in their day to connect to and write for others, for themselves, to become artists, novelists, etc. It’s opening a new world. When that happens, we’re seeing the results of the earthquake.

Many people have said that (monetary) success has to do with seeing the parade or wave and getting in front of it. Many people are still trying to jump on the MySpace wave. I think it’s passed. If you’re not on it, you’re too late.

Me? I’m trying to figure out how to jump in front of the mommy blogger wave. Surf’s up.

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3 Comments on "Mommy Bloggers Unite!"

  1. misha says:


    Now, on a minute front would someone please create a way for me to publish my blog (in a non-geek/techie-oriented way) in a hardcopy-I-get-to-design-the-font-layout et al way?

    If snapfish can do it for photos (hardcopy books) why can’t someone brilliant make this happen…

    OK – and back on topic…this is what I was referring to in terms of community.

    I do think there is a very much harnessed power in all of this. If Howard Dean got as far as he did (and hey, he screams as good as my toddler) – what could this community do?

    It’s all a question of purpose and leadership. And I think, in part, that is already here: The re-evaluation of how we treat women in this country. Now that – if there is a true gender-equality – and I do not mean the workforce at all – that creates amazing change. In all spheres.

    Watch out, is right. Perhaps this is more designed chaos than we realize.

  2. misha says:

    And btw – why didn’t you put up a picture of someone I at least look like? :)

  3. nate says:

    Heh… sorry. I didn’t know if you wanted me to put a photo up of you so I err’d on the side of caution. But, if you insist, I’ll change that in a moment.

    And regarding your first comment, I have already started that project. It’s been delayed twice now by people who just aren’t as convinced as I am that it’s a big opportunity. Unfortunately, I just don’t have all the time in the world to follow all the big opportunities. So, I’m hoping that once we sell our house, I could take some of that money and start paying people to produce stuff like this.

    Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on that.

    As for leadership… hmm… don’t you speak on that at universities and such? ;)

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