Treo 650 + Blackberry? Huh?

“Here is an interesting item which will certainly create some chat in the BB vs. Treo world – today Palm announced the release of a BlackBerry connect Treo 650, to be offered exclusively through Cingular.

This is basically a Treo which can be used with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. So now, at least in concept, this might be the best of all worlds – the bells and whistles or the Treo married to the security and easy of administration of the Blackberry server. The obvious downside here is that they are only offering it on the 650 model which is pretty much already obsolete, and only on Cingular. When it is offered on the 700 and upcoming 750 – it will certainly be more compelling.

I would sure like to hear from anybody who does actually buy this device and uses it with a BES server. I ‘d like to know if it’s as good as Palm says it is – and how it negotiates the Palm OS with the BlackBerry interface. Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to report on it.”

— written by “Ken” (lifted from the comments in my Treo vs BB post)

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2 Comments on "Treo 650 + Blackberry? Huh?"

  1. The latest word is Palm is on it’s way out. That the Windows platform has become the front runner and will stay that way. I hope this isn’t true. I hope this “TreoBerry” puts them back on the map. I’ve always been a die-hard Palm addict but have never had a Blackberry. Would love to see this product in action.

  2. nate says:

    Oh good lord I hope not. That would make me sad. It would also mean I wouldn’t have a PDA phone that I would want.

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