Are you a Social Broker?

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Ah, Christmas time.

Quite a few Christmas’s ago, I was deep into my friendships and shallow into my family. I decided to have a Christmas party and wanted to include all of my friends in the bash. At the time, I wasn’t phased by the boundaries or ties separating and tying my networks of friends. I invited all of my friends, from all different landscapes of my life together for one evening.

I give credit to my friends for how well the party went off. People merged and mingled without much friction. Ties were created. Barriers were broken. Life and opportunity for everyone improved. I had no idea I would be reflecting on that party years later as a pivotal point in understanding social networks.

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You’re part of many social networks, both online and off. We all are. Each of us plays a roll in those networks – many times different roles for different networks. The roll you play may not be a roll appointed to you. But, are you a “social broker”?

According to the general theory, you and I would benefit the greatest by being involved a social network which is broad, and has wider connections rather than being focused on a niche and knowing all the same people.

But, to have a broad and growing social network, we need to bring in new people with various interests and ideas.

Are you expanding your network by being a social broker?

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2 Comments on "Are you a Social Broker?"

  1. Steve Harper says:

    Being a social broker is a very powerful and highly influential place to be in. I loved your post and glad my Google Alerts discovered your post. Look forward to being a regular reader.

    Ripple On!

    Steve Harper

  2. nate says:

    Thanks for the comment Steve, and for letting me know how you found my blog. I appreciate that. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on any of the posts here. And, I look forward to reading your blog too. It looks very interesting.

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