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Google satellite shot of Boston / MIT

So, I’m currently sitting in one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever been to (Hotel @ MIT) in Boston, MA. It’s post-Mashup Camp 3 and I’m finally decompressing from all the ideas and crazy coolness floating around this campus.

Typically, I try to stay out of the full-on geek realm, but I just had to see what this was all about. So, Chris Racliff, a co-worker of mine, asked if I would want to help build his mashup for the event. I agreed and off we went into coding at nights and weekends for a week and a half.

Many sleepless nights later, and a few hours before it was ready to present, we got into a working state – well working enough to display a proof of concept. is a proof of concept site created to give musicians (or really any “performer” or “artist”) a way to enter in their gigs, display their tour schedule, and have posters/flyers created for each gig. Pretty simple stuff.

Well, we were excited to win 4th place at the conference (or unconference as the case may be), as well as the Mashup of the Day at Programmable Web. We had a huge positive response to the site. Many people even thought it was a full on startup of it’s own and wanted to work with us. After trying not to snicker too much, we had to tell them the traffic to the site was probably in the double digit range or less and has only been available and public for the same number of hours since it’s birth.

There were some great other things going on too, though. I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor McKnight along with Daniel Westermann-Clark and company from Podbop, Anthony from Hype Machine, Chris from Tourfilter, and Marco from GoodStorm (where I have a few shirts being made), Jon from Dapper (a frickin’ amazing site if you’re interested in doing a mashup yourself), John Herren (founder of tagCloud which no longer exists unfortunately), Shimmy from, and a whole host of other great companies like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo!. Everyone at the place was amazingly cool about sharing ideas, thoughts, issues, and solutions to current problems surrounding the space of Mashups and even our own sites. People were helping each other regardless of whether or not their companies competed in the same industry. It was a fantastic.

I’m proud to say I ended the trip by hanging out with a rockin’ group of people which included many of the above as well as Zachary Braiker from Refine and Focus. We had some great beer at the bar where Matt Damon spouted the famous quote “How do you like them apples!?” in Good Will Hunting.

Thanks everyone! It was a great day to be in Boston.

Some of the notable mentions of Gigul8r, Eventful, Chris or I:

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4 Comments on " Mashup of the Day"

  1. Jed says:

    Congrats!!! Now come back!

  2. nate says:

    Thanks Jed. I’ll be there Monday morning. Ya miss me?

  3. Taylor says:

    SO great to hang out with you Nate. I really had a blast. We’ll be more in touch after I get caught up with all the work that’s piled up from taking a week off :)

    Also, I posted Anthony’s interview today, look for Gigul8r’s soon (either tomorrow or Monday probably)

  4. nate says:

    Sounds good, Taylor. I’m looking forward to mocking myself on your podcast.

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