Hillary Clinton is Eventful for 2008

I’m pretty apathetic on the political front, but I figured this is interesting regardless of political affiliation.

Hillary Clinton just posted an Eventful sticker on her myspace page. It’s the first Eventful Demand sticker for a major politician we’ve seen, and it may just make a HUGE difference in her campaign. Why? Because Eventful Demand is used to find out where you are wanted, and where you’re not. Think of the possibilities!

<a href="http://eventful.com/performers/P0-001-000015656-6/demand?from_sticker=300x325_eventful"> Demand Hillary Clinton with Eventful! </a> Demand Hillary Clinton with Eventful! Learn More about Eventful Learn More about Eventful Demand

Update: Ok, so apparently this isn’t the official campaign page for Hillary. I should have known. I doubt she’d be selling rainbow cafepress stuff on her site if it were real. Ah well, the point still stands.

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3 Comments on "Hillary Clinton is Eventful for 2008"

  1. atrain says:

    wow, great for eventful, but I just threw up a little bit in my mouth

  2. nate says:

    hahah… yea, like i said, i didn’t post it for any kind of political affiliation… just interesting, that’s all. :)

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