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(photo is courtesy of someone on Flickr. I forgot where I got this, so if you know, let me know)

Warning: There will be a helluvalotta links on this page. I don’t just want you to know the pain I went through in putting the entire Community 2.0 Conference agenda on Eventful, I also am trying to catch up with some latent blogging.

Lately, I’ve been chatting back and forth with Francois Cossieaux of Corante and Many2Many (a blog I’ve loved for a long time now). We’ve been discussing blogging ethics, specifically relating to his post about Alaskan Airlines (as a side note, I haven’t seen Alaskan respond yet, so I’m now apt to side with Francois regarding their lack of customer service, even though I’ve never had a problem like he has with them).

I’m not sure if it was because of our conversation there, or because he knows I think his name has some bit of sexiness to it. Either way, he was nice enough to get me a free pass to the Community 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas (official site). He invited me to come as a blogger and write pretty much anything I want about the conference. Dude! You have no idea what you just got yourself into…. *evil laughing ensues*. When people give me free reign interesting things come out of my brain.

Needless to say, I am super duper crazy excited (not quite like these people, but close). I love going to conferences like these. My convictions keep getting confirmed and I meet all kinds of new friends.

With this conference, I’m excited for C20 Bootcamp where I’ll be hob-nobbing with some cool peeps like Tara Hunt (blog), who I met at Community Next, Francois himself, Craig Newmark of craigslist, John Hagel (blog), and Ben McConnell of Church of the Customer, which I’ve also been reading since I was a wee RSS newb. And that list just barely scratches the surface of who’s going to be there. I could literally pee my pants for a week if I listed all the names.

Why am I so stoked? Well, it does seem mighty geeky for someone to be excited about a conference. One reason I have high hopes is because of the names involved. And, being as I’m not really a shy person most of the time, I’m hoping to get some time with a few of them to pick their brains.

Another positive thing coming from this conference, for me personally, is the fact I’m able to blog about it. More name. More cowbell.

I also think this conference will be a great place to get more of the Eventful word out, since I made my own Demand t-shirt.

And lastly, I have high hopes for those speaking. I know there’s a few people who are talking about “leveraging” their communities, which is sad. But, I’m hopeful that the word is starting to get out about not “using” your community, but letting your community use you.

The one thing I learned from the Threadless guys at Community Next, [vid #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6] which I doubt I’ll forget any time soon, is you must simply build things that allow your users to kick ass. Everything else drops your awesomeness factor quickly.

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