What’s Your Best Quality?

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According to my buddy Brian over at Social Degree, there are 3 qualities of a good social network. Now, this isn’t an exclusive list by any means. He’s focused on sites like Yelp, Facebook, etc. You know, the ones he/we use every day (or are supposed to by generational standards).

Brian’s 3 qualities were:

  1. Personality/Identity
  2. Fun
  3. Genuine

Now, I’m not typically a drink-the-kool-aid type of guy. But, lately, I’ve really been wondering what you think of Eventful. I keep up with what some people are saying, and the novelty factor is strongly positive so far. But, I can be somewhat negative at times – *gasp* say it aint so – yep. It’s so.

So, here’s my question, and I want pure unadulterated honesty now: What do you think of Eventful.com?

I’m curious if you think Eventful fits any of these, or if they are even right? Do we need to have more (or less) of these qualities? Are there others you think we need to work on? Are we even anywhere close to being called a social network?

I’ve got my opinions, but I want to know yours. Hit me. I can take it!

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