Are Community Conferences any Better?

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I’m that guy. That typical procrastinator. You know, the guy who packs at the last minute. This time, I’m packing for the Community 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas.

I’m excited to go, and for free at that. My employer has kindly paid for the flight and the (thankfully) discounted hotel room at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. Thanks to Francois, I’ve gotten a free pass to the conference (a $1500 value) and the discount on the hotel. All this because (1) Francois invited me to blog about and during the conference and (2) Eventful wants a representative there to help promote the ever popular demand services. We have yet to build a bunch of community oriented tools, but we will. Hence, another reason for me to be there.

I am, however, hoping this conference is better than the last one I went to. Now, I’ve been to a few conferences and never really liked them in the first place. But the last few I’ve been to have been focused on community in particular. And, honestly, I’ve been pretty dissatisfied.

Here’s the thing. For a conference to be about community, shouldn’t the entire thing act like one? I mean, eat your own dog food guys!

What I mean is, we talk about community all the time. We think we know what/who it is, and if we don’t, we try to define it/them. But really, we have community with people all around us.

Think about it. There will be a bunch of people invested in the time, space, subject, and relationships with each other. WHY don’t WE have stuff that will let us kick ass? I want to get to know the people who will be there, talk about the stuff before it happens, make connections.

With that rant in mind, here’s a few links that are worth reading:

(If you’re going to the conference, let me know… I’d love to meet up)

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