Yahoo Photos Closing, but Citizens Not Forced to Move to Flickr

Image courtesy Bizzy Girl on Flickr
(image courtesy Bizzy Girl on Flickr)

This has got to be one of the most brilliant moves I’ve heard of coming from a large company in a long time. I know the companies I’ve worked for probably would never consider sending citizens away to other companies if they cannibalized their own product.

Here’s the scoop. Arrington, of TechCrunch, just announced that Yahoo! Photos will announce that it would be closing it’s doors. It won’t be immediate, but the big first question on everyone’s mind is “What happens to all my photos?”.

The answer: You can either move them to Flickr, a Yahoo! property, or to Snapfish, Photobucket, Kodak Gallery, or Shutterfly.

Holy crap! Who does that? Why would they do that?

One (beautiful, perfect, and awesomenews-exuding) reason: “We want happy users.”

For the techies out there who use Flickr, it’s not the biggest photo sharing site out there. Here’s the breakdown:

Yahoo Photos
: 31.1M unique visitors
Flickr: 28.5M
Photobucket: 28.1M
Facebook Photos: 23.5M

Now, it makes sense that they would consolidate, and most likely many people will move to Flickr (especially after the good press they’re about to receive for a move like this). But, they’ll lose a bunch too. The big deal is that Flickr will most likely become the leader of the pack. But, even the even bigger story is that they aren’t forcing their users/citizens to choose them.

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2 Comments on "Yahoo Photos Closing, but Citizens Not Forced to Move to Flickr"

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for using my photo on your blogsite! I have to admit I have had my head in the sand on this issue. Something about Yahoo’s relationship with Flickr has caused many Flickr members to jump ship and move to other photo hosting sites. I wonder how these two issues might be related?

  2. nate says:


    Thanks for putting your photos up on Flickr with the CC license so I could use it. I appreciate it when people do that and I love giving the attribution to those who take such awesome photos. Nice work!

    Regarding the Yahoo Photos vs Flickr issue; I’ve never really used Yahoo Photos, but I can imagine it’s more of a consumer product than Flickr, which seems to be more oriented towards pros and people who wish they were pros (and geeks like me).

    I think a lot of it, however, has to do with being used to a particular interface and not wanting to learn something new, which seems to just be human nature to a certain extent.

    Thanks for the comment. I’d love to hear your comments on any other post on my site as well.


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