Tweak AdSense Project: 1st Goal Reached

Wow, well that didn’t take long. I recently set a goal to make a minimum of $4 per day using Adsense with my blog. It’s a pretty random goal, but yesterday, for the first time, I made over $4.

As I mentioned before, I know it’s not a huge goal. But, it’s 2x what I have been making on a regular basis.

Next goal, get the $4/day to average out for the week, which would mean I need to make $28/week.

How did I get this far? Last tweaks:

It’s certainly not revolutionary, but for both my own tweaking history as well as for those of you who are paying attention to me as a guinea pig, here’s what I did last.

  • Added Adsense to all pages: Results – I am pretty sure that doing this has reduced the eCPM that I was receiving, just as it did before. The immediate days following this tweak dropped the eCPM pretty quickly.
  • Added suspected Adsense arbitrage sites to the competitive ad filter: Results – Because this takes a few more days to initialize than the above tweak, I think this just took place yesterday, which is why my eCPM went back up. My traffic hasn’t changed at all, so that’s the variable I’m watching.

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