And the “Best Compliment Ever” Award Goes To…

courtesy brainware3000 on flickr
[photo courtesy brainware3000 on flickr]

I think I’ve just received the best compliment of my 30 years of life so far.

Granted, I love my parents and faux-parents. They’re all outstanding people. But they are biased, so I take their praise with a grain of salt sometimes.

This gentleman (and I mean gentleman, not “guy”) gave me the best praise I’ve ever heard outside of my immediate family. I don’t mean to flatter myself by writing it here. I mean to point out how far a compliment like this goes when it’s genuine. It’s not only outstanding flattery, but outstanding writing in it’s own right.

Dear nate,

I really appreciate your complements, in this challenging world I seldom hear such a melodious praise like what you have made. I really want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I made a response to your site since I really believe you have the talents and intuition to become affluent one day. At an early stage of your years I could see the fruition and the dawn in you and that you could really make the difference in the financial world one day. My complements in you: continue to be the master of your own universe and be good to yourself and do not forget to be innovative. I hope there will be more Irish descent American lass like you who can find wisdom in making this ambivalent business world turned upside down. I yearn to see more of your business notions, precepts and concepts in the web. Kudos!

If only I could write half as eloquent as Dr. Artfredo C. Abella, Ph.D., I might be able to give him the compliment he deserves in return, for implanting such awesome positive reinforcement into my brain.

Thank you Dr. Artfredo!

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