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The last time I tried taking a book and putting it into blog format, I didn’t do so well. I didn’t do my research. This time, I got a little smarter after a hard day at work. Call it motivation.

I’ve been thinking a lot about SEO and Adsense, of course as a byproduct of my recent blog monetization project with Adsense. I did ok until recently, but I still am not sure what happened with my eCPM (and I’m still looking for answers if you have them).

So with all this motivation swirling around me, I figured I’d give the book blogging another shot. This time, with H.G. Wells The War of The Worlds. Why this book as opposed to any other? Well, a few reasons. First, this book is #11 on the Project Gutenberg Top 100 in the Last 30 Days list. I started here.

Second, the Overture Keyword Tool says the keyword combo “war of the world” gets over 50k searches each month. Additionally, “world war 1” gets greater than 75k searches and “world war 2” gets 150k searches. Even if I’m off on getting hits from exact keywords, I am hoping a good part of additional hits will come from these two big search terms.

My question, for all you SEO experts out there

I have a final question about this whole thing. I’ve written only two posts and have come upon the same question as I had early on in the Empire of Business project – namely, how should a website be written when it’s trying to look like a book? In particular, when using a blog format? I’ve been thinking I should transpose the book in reverse order so that it shows in the proper order, readable from start to finish and all that.

So, suggestions would be nice, please.

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