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Lee LeFever, my friend at Common Craft back in our old hometown of Seattle, received such great responses to his first “In Plain English” video that he’s done another one.

Not only does Lee have an outstanding last name, wife, and aptitude for community building and consulting, he now has a great method for explaining technical things in easy to remember, teach, and share videos.

Their first video was RSS in Plain English. This new one is called Wikis in Plain English and explains how a wiki works with practical application. Lee uses the example of some friends trying to schedule a camping trip and trying to decide a bunch of things. He compares the old way of doing this (using email) to the new way (using a wiki).

It’s a great video, and if you don’t know what a wiki or RSS is, you should watch these videos. If you have friends or family who don’t know what they are, and need or want to, share the videos.

RSS in Plain English

: (original link to RSS in Plain English)

Wiki in Plain English

: (original link to Wikis in Plain English)

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