Ning’s World War
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How’s that for a sensational title? Techcrunch, watch out!

I’ve been working on the War of the Worlds blog/book lately, and I figured I might combine this little project with Ning, the build-your-own-social-network app that I’ve been fond of for quite some time. I was thinking a lot about a potential combo effort and found something that might be a good fit.

World War social network on Ning (, I built the World War social network on Ning. Now, I just started it, so it’s not even close to where I hope it will be in the future. It’s just using the basic feature set Ning provides. But, I would love some help from any of you out there who know Ning really well.

What I’d like to do is build in things like a bookmarking feature, feeds from YouTube and Flickr using keywords, etc. In addition, I’m really looking for some folks who are interested in something having to do with the words “World” and “War”. That could be people who love H.G. Wells book, or it could be folks who are collectors of World War 1 or 2 memorabilia, etc. I figure there’s probably a ton of resources out there, and those people who like to share about these things should have a place to do so.

Of course, my alternate motivation is to get folks to link to the social network, use it, and get some link love over to the blog/book at the same time. But, that’s just a side-note. I am honestly interested in starting a new social network in a niche, and this one seems to be a good fit considering what else I’m doing.

Anyone interested in helping out? I’d love to hear from you. Even if you’re not able to help develop, if you’re interested in anything having to do with the words World and War, feel free to join the club and start adding resources.

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