iPhone Activation is Complete

Well, my day at the Apple store has been a success. Nobody was beaten up, from what I’ve seen so far. My activation of the phone is complete. Now, I have to run off to a meeting regarding our church’s new service date and time.

I’ll post photos after the meeting.

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2 Comments on "iPhone Activation is Complete"

  1. Bill says:

    I am definitely drooling on the sidelines over this iPhone. But then I read Mike Metzger’s words on this, and it brought me down to earth. He is a fellow from the Clapham Institute.

    I posted them here:
    “What might the iPhone undo?”

    I wish I had written this, it is so tight! But let me say I still have technolust, I do want an iPhone! :-)

  2. nate says:

    Bill, that is a great post. Everyone should read it! I left my comments on that subject there. Thank you for the link.

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