iPhone Bugs and Website Features Not Working on the iPhone

I’ve been playing with every feature on the iPhone that I can, using it as much as possible in my daily life and showing it off to other people. Doing so has shown me a few bugs in the system they have to work out.

Here’s what I have. Feel free to add to this list of iPhone bugs and crashes if you have any others you’d like to note:

  • Safari crashes (closes, no errors, goes back to home screen) when you hit a page that has a javascript error on it. Case in point is when you try to add a comment to an invitation to an event on Pownce.
  • Google Maps crashes (closes, no errors, goes back to home screen) when the lag on the EDGE network is too great for it to handle. Try pinching in and out and then switching from map to satellite and vice versa. Eventually, if the tiles don’t update quick enough, something throws an error and it crashes.
  • Downloading an image (.jpg) in Mail freezes the entire phone. Yup, this one just happened a few minutes ago. To power down, I guessed correctly with a combo of buttons – namely the sleep button (on the top) and the home screen button, holding them both for about 5 seconds turns the iPhone off.
  • Can’t view all of the YouTube videos (yet). I’m assuming this isn’t a bug, as I’ve heard a rumor that YouTube is converting every one of their videos to H.264, which is awesome. The problem is that I can’t watch much of anything my friends send me on my iPhone, even though the YouTube application is installed, unless it happens to be the 1% of the videos that fit in the categories of Most Recent or Most Watched. That just sucks, even if it’s not a bug. Hurry! I want my YouTube!
  • Can’t update Facebook status. Now this one is more just annoying than anything. Facebook, fix your crap.
  • Can’t set a “home page” on Safari. Again, just a minor annoyance, but I’ll get used to it not being there. At least let me set it to not load anything (blank page) if I want.
  • Flash not being on Safari is a huge thing on my wish-list.

What bugs and crashes have you experienced so far? What website functionality doesn’t work for you that you wish did?

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19 Comments on "iPhone Bugs and Website Features Not Working on the iPhone"

  1. sergey says:

    yep! It is a big problem when your Safari or Google maps crashes. But it is easy to fix… Just turn off your iphone and turn back on. It will work perfect ufter this untill ypu upload large files again.

  2. nate says:

    sergey, thanks for that tip. I appreciate it, and I’m sure y readers do too. If you have any other tips, let us know.

  3. Sergey Rusak says:

    For some reason many people critisize Apple products a lot. Everyone afraid to loose $500-600 for broken iPhone. I tested iPhone and i can tell that it is quality product and if you have any problems…

    1) Turn it off and turn back on.
    2) Restore

    If it doesn’t work… only after this go to Apple store.

  4. Grant says:

    I am pretty upset that maps & Safari crashing. I wish there was a way to set a homepage too. I experienced a really weird thing the other night. While taking a photo the shutter closed and when it open to show the camera view again it showed like a split screen (Two identical images)….. I meant to press the shutter release to capture the problem but instead I pushed the home button….ARGHHHHH. Al in all I really like the thing even if it is a little buggy…. They’ll fix it.

  5. Coby says:

    All bugs listed above are valid and have experienced them, but the ones that arent listed and is the most annoying to me are:

    the headset jack for headphones to fit with the sleek design of the phone is inset so deep into the phone that only apple ear buds jack can fit into the port and they last maybe 30 seconds if I am lucky before they fall out.

    The other annoyance NO INSURANCE from ATT for a $652 phone. To counteract that I have padlocked my iphone to my wrist :)

  6. nate says:

    hahha… Yes! Someone needs to photoshop the $650 insurance policy … namely the wrist strap from the Wii.


  7. Jack says:

    glad to see i’m not the only one with the “stop, go back to home screen” problem.

    It happens when playing the iPod as well. Can get pretty annoying, hopefully this is on the list of things to fix with the first update.

    now just waitin on those custom ringtones…. =)

    Still, awesome product, love this damn thing.

  8. hardcorey says:

    My youtube player seems to get corrupted where previous videos I watch are interlaced with later videos I watch. The audio is fine but the video is corrupted (i.e. two choppy movies playing at the same time). This has happened a couple times. After some time the problem goes away but it seems to occur more often lately. hrrrmmmmph. I hope this problem gets addressed by Apple.

  9. Charles White - Dallas, Texas says:

    I am curious to know if the people who are experiencing the Safari/iPod/Mail quitting and going back to home page have a lot of music loaded. Last night, I finally loaded my music into iTunes (aprox 900 songs), all converted from WMA to AAC. iTunes converted everything without any issues. I then proceded to sync my music to the iPhone. This process went smoothly as well.
    This morning, I started playing my music and 3/4 into the song, it just quits and goes to the homepage. Same thing with Mail, Safari, YouTube.

    Up until I loaded my music, I did not have any issues at all with sudden application quits. I am wondering if loading 3 gigs worth of music caused this. I have an 8 gig phone so I know I have room.

    So back to my original question: How many of you loaded music and when did your apps start failing?

  10. Grant says:

    My apps failed immediately. Safari and Maps…… Then I loaded music after that I had one occurrence similar to your you tube problem but mine happened when using the camera, but same thing….split screen of same image

  11. nate says:

    I had some quitting of apps too, but the solution for my stuff was to turn off the keyboard sound. That solves the iPod quitting bug for me. Give it a try and report back what you find.

  12. Coby says:

    The quitting of apps is minimal on my end and hasnt happened all that much for me. In fact now that I think of it happened before I uploaded any music to my phone. Since putting music on it hasnt happened to me once. But I have never had an IPOD always had another MP3 player (iriver) and now that I do must say i am not all that pleased with the protocol that comes with having an IPOD. Any maybe its because of my newness & inexperience of not having one.

    For example:
    I have found out (or so it seems) that I can only use my music library on my computer. I cant upload a playlist and go to a friends house and put the music on my phone onto his computer. I can take music from his computer but it deletes what is on my IPOD and replaces it with what I sync from his computer. And vice versa I cant take those songs and put them onto my computer either. If this is true why IPOD is the predominant MP3 player is beyond me because with my IRIVER or antoher MP3 player i have (RCA) as well I can go to any music library on any computer and transfer, slide, exchange music however i want too with just a click,drag, and drop technique.

    The other annoyance I have is although the camer is quite sleek and clear on this phone I am running into the same thing with pictures as I am with music. The only way to get pictures off my phone is to send them in an email and you cant send them to a hotmail address (imagine my surprise as to why), but you can send them to any other email address (yahoo,aol,gmail, etc).

    Any help or advice on how to take music or photos off this phone would be great.

  13. nate says:

    Coby, from what I’ve experienced you don’t want to sync with the your friend’s computer. You just want to go into the iPod on iTunes and drag the files from the iPod to his Library. At least, I think that is how it works. I’ve never tried it, but that’s what I’ve heard from other people.

    I just tried out sending photos to hotmail, and it works just fine. The only problem I noticed is that it might send them to your Junk Box, which you’ll just have to mark as safe and pull out. But, it works fine for me.

    The easiest way to get photos off the phone is to use iPhoto. It pulls them off quickly. But, if you’re on a PC, and not using iPhoto, you’ll need to fiddle around with the settings so that whatever photo program you’re using will see the iPhone as a camera too. Those programs should see that, but I would guess it depends on the program.

  14. Dustin James says:

    I’m not sure if someone has mentioned this…

    but Vista is having problems syncing photos… At first I thought it was just me but… googled it and there are others out there…

    I would blame Microsoft for that though.. (lol)

  15. Dustin James says:

    Not to be dumb and double post..

    but my Vista system recognizes my phone as iPhone Camera.. and shows me internal storage and all the pics I’ve taken…

  16. nate says:

    (1) I’m cool with double posting. No worries.
    (2) That’s interesting about the Vista problems. It shows your phone as a camera but won’t sync. Weird. Fortunately, I converted to a Mac a few years ago and finally purged all PC remnants from my home a few months ago. Good times.

  17. Carly says:

    My main annoyance is that flash doesn’t work. Myspace songs won’t play on my iphone. But what’s strange is that they used to play on my iPhone, but they dont anymore.

    But to get songs from your friend’s computer, I know that if you burn their songs on to a cd, then import the songs onto your computer, and then you can sync that music with your iPhone without the worries of deleting your music. Apple designed the iPods to make it harder to take and share music… Its a legal thing I think. But I think the cd trick is the only way around it.

  18. nate says:

    Carly, yea, that’s my main annoyance now too. I don’t care about myspace. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if myspace was blocked from receiving traffic entirely. But, I do wish flash was on the phone.

  19. Grum says:

    all websit is working but one web site is not work on my computer
    what is wrong

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