Tweak AdSense Project: eCPM and CTR Normal Again

When eCPM dropped through the floor back in May after the last Google Shuffle, I took a breather and let things settle. Now, things have gotten back to normal, and I’m coming back to the project.

I’m getting about $4 eCPM and 1.92% CTR in the past 7 days, so I’d say we’re about right for some more tweaking.

Today’s Adsense Tweak

When I originally placed my Google Adsense on this blog, I made sure they didn’t get in the way too much. But, for the sake of the project, today I removed the different colored background and border. Today’s tweak is blended Adsense ads.

Now, I don’t really like how much they’re blended right now. It certainly changes the site’s look and feel to be much more cluttered. But, before I conform to the designer in me, I have to check this out.

Blending your ads typically improves the click-through rate. Since mine is hovering in that 2%, which seems to be right around the industry standard, I’ll try the ugly technique and see what happens.

Your suggestions?

I’d love any suggestions you might have regarding this project, adsense, etc. I don’t feel like I’ve maximized the revenue on my blog quite yet, so I’m going to keep working towards it with your suggestions and others I find around.


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