Free Book Fridays, Are You Ready?

I follow Mukund who follows Jeff who has great ideas. Call me an idea thief, I don’t care. This one is brilliant. Free Book Fridays.

The deal

Here’s the deal. I’m going to give away a book a week for an undetermined amount of time. It will be a book I’ve already read, so I’m going to sign my name in it. I don’t want it back, though.

It works like this. Be the first person to comment on my Free Book Fridays post (it will have that title), and be sure to leave your email in the appropriate box. I’ll contact you to get your address and I’ll send you the book described in the post.

Please note that I would like to have a thoughtful comment. Trolling comments like “FIRST” and others similar to that will be ignored and won’t count. Please leave a comment that shows you’re a thinking human being.

The catch

The catch is that after you’ve finished reading it you have to
(a) write a blog post describing what, if anything, you learned from the book,
(b) sign your name in it, and
(c) give it away to someone else with the same requirements.

The fun

It doesn’t matter how you determine who to give it to, but it would be fun to continue in the same fashion. Linking to the person who gave you the book (and perhaps even here as the starting point) would be awesome too, but it’s not a requirement of the game.

So, are you ready? Get your fingers stretched out. Play some speed solitaire and get prepared. Any questions?

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4 Comments on "Free Book Fridays, Are You Ready?"

  1. Mukund Mohan says:

    Nice, Nate
    I like the signature touch. I think if you PUT the 3 top takeaways on your blog post FIRST then have people comment on your takeaways it might be more valuable.

  2. nate says:

    That would be good too… Thanks Mukund. I’ll definitely add my own thoughts of the book. I’d like others to write their thoughts of the book too before they give it to someone else.

  3. What a great idea!

  4. nate says:

    Oh, as a side note, I always take the covers off books… so don’t be surprised if you get one without a cover on it. They’re annoying and just get in the way. But hey, you’re not going to keep the book anyway, so just send it along, explain the lack of a cover is my fault and we’ll be on our little way with more knowledge in our heads.

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