San Diego Fires: Updating via twitter

If you want to keep up on the status of the San Diego fires, you should follow my twitter feed:

I will be updating via this feed for as long as I’m awake and getting media sources.

Update: Some people have asked for me to add a donation link for the time and effort I’m spending doing this… If you’d like to donate, I won’t say no, but it’s certainly not necessary.

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20 Comments on "San Diego Fires: Updating via twitter"

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the twits, Nate. I’ve got family in Carlsbad and Encinitas (both evacuated) and it’s killing me not having information.

  2. Geoff Young says:

    Thanks, Nate, for keeping us updated. Scary stuff…

  3. nate says:

    Thanks for the thanks guys. I’m updating with every news item I find via TV, radio and internet. Keep watching… I’m following it and reporting as best as I can.

  4. Anne Wayman says:

    Nate, hell of a way to get introduced to twitting ;) Thanks for the updates, etc.

    Anne Wayman… in North Park community of San Diego

  5. nate says:

    Anne, my pleasure… well, sort of. Twitter is the new news broadcast, that’s for sure. I’ll try to keep up with everything, so far I think I’ve been pretty comprehensive. Let me know if I miss something that would be advantageous for people to know.

  6. Mark says:

    Very well done Nate. I’ve been starting to blog this myself (for what little audience I may have) and your twitter posts are very good information. Things look more complete on your page than FireBlog or major news agencies are talking about right now.

    University City, San Diego

  7. nate says:

    Thanks Mark, I’ll be watching your blog as well. Let me know if you see things I’m missing.

  8. nate says:

    Good maps Duncan. I linked to both of those earlier in the day, but nice work.

  9. Spencer says:

    Hey nate, I’m sure you already know about this –

    It’s a craigslist fire forum. Just incase you don’t I figured I would let you know. I’m following your updates via twitter. Thanks for the good and accurate news.

  10. Duncan says:

    yeah i linked to your post lol…

    there is a bunch more stuff on there as well

  11. nate says:

    Spencer, thanks. Feel free to send people to my twitter feed if you’d like. I’d like to know about any evacuation centers that I can publish. Hotels are all booked up all across the city.

  12. katie c :( says:

    Hi Nate – I am in Seattle and feel helpless because I think my house/ ranch is gone- its off Highland Valley road in Ramona kinda by Archie Moore – and you have helped the most so far because the coverage has been mostly BULLSHIT! i lived there since i was 3 and now im 23 so thats a lot of memories. thank you so much! try to find updates on Ramona since there’s practially NOTHING so far.

  13. nate says:

    Katie, thanks for your vote of confidence. I’m so sorry to hear your ranch is gone. Ramona is in a bad state right now. I’m so sorry.

  14. Mark says:

    I have set up an alternative location for the evacuation map on my web site. It is located here:

    The original website address is also included in case the load lightens up on their end:

  15. nate says:

    Great idea Mark. Thanks for mirroring that.

  16. katie c :( says:

    good morning. i should totally be at work right now but playing video games all day doesnt sound as important as checking up on my house lol thanks again for including Ramona posts in your blog- it’s helping. where are you getting all those- they seem to be very ramona-specific?…Still no word on my ranch! All the maps are giving conflicting info. damn approximations. hahah grr

  17. nate says:

    Katie, I’m getting word from all kinds of different media sources. My latest post on this blog explains a bit more, but it’s from all over. If you contact me directly and give me your address, I may be able to give you a better idea of what I know so far.

  18. shirin says:

    What is the situation at the UCSD ( la jolla)

  19. nate says:

    Both safe right now. Be sure to check out my twitter feed for up to date information.

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