Southern California Fires on Satellite

Southern California Fires on Satellite

After a nice jaunt over to Coronado Island yesterday, we were on our way back home and saw some smoke in the air. Occasionally, we see some smoke from fires around this time of year, but we didn’t realize what was going on this time.

Yesterday, around 9:20am a fire started south-east of San Diego called the Harris fire, and by around 3pm another one had started up called the Witch Creek fire. Last night we closed the windows, brought our cat inside, and tried not to breath too heavily. It was so difficult to breath, I thought about leaving and heading out of town to get a hotel. We woke up to what looked like a typical Seattle day but instead of fog and cold it was smoke and warm.

Downtown San Diego smoke from fires This morning we listened to the radio and heard of 8 other fires, a few which had joined up with others. I’m now watching the news online (what a time not to have cable tv, thank goodness for radio sometimes), and it’s clearly not good.

The San Diego mayor, this morning, was on NPR and was announcing a precautionary evacuation of the area about 10 miles north of us, which is kinda freaky. Right now, we’re out of the way of danger from what we can tell. But, the way these winds are blowing and based on the San Diego Fire Chief’s quote (“Count on this one being worse than the 2003 Cedar fire”), we already planned our evacuation route when/where we need to leave. We’ve also decided what we’ll be taking too.

Anyway, we’ll write more later if things change.

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