Where are all the decent affiliate products?

While I finally watched the Transformers movie tonight I noticed a few things which I wish were true, but sadly are not. For instance, the government using Macs. Man, that would be a sweet shot to the Microsoft core. Sadly, it’s very untrue.

Oh, and don’t mind the fact that the whole story is fake. Nah, we’ll just bypass that fact.

The thing is, I’m a multi-tasker. Some people think that’s a bad thing, and I might agree that it’s relatively inefficient when you’re trying to accomplish certain goals. But, I’m alright with that. Maybe just don’t call me a “loose cannon” and we’ll be cool.

Being the multi-tasker that I am, I decided to see if there were some random ways of making money on the internet that I haven’t already tested while watching Transformers tonight. I did some research on currency conversion, text link ads, blog sponsorships, and eventually found my way to an affiliate program I hadn’t seen before, PayDotCom.com.

Now, every time I see a new affiliate marketplace I start hoping for the best. I spend way too much time searching through their inventory looking for products that I could actually advocate for (I think pretty highly of you, my wonderful readers).

The main problem here is quality. Why does every affiliate marketplace have a zillion sucky products? Where’s the quality ones?

See, I’m for awesomeness, and I see a lot of un-awesome crap in the affiliate marketplaces so far. I’d love to see some discrimination by the affiliate marketplace owners, and some self-respect. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Someone, become awesome… for the sake of mankind.

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6 Comments on "Where are all the decent affiliate products?"

  1. ThePete says:

    So, do you recommend PayDotCom? I’m one of those people who is starting to wonder if little folks like us can actually make enough money off of the Internet to survive/save for the future without having to be constantly on the go and working our butts off to do it. It’s much easier to be a mega-corp that has fifty sites with ads generating income, but Google Ads pays very little without clicks, so….

    I used to be a multi-tasker like you, but I think I enjoy focusing all of my attention on something. It feels much more fulfilling, I think. But that’s just me–your results may vary. Offer not valid in Utah.

  2. nate says:

    Hey ThePete,

    I haven’t seen anything in PayDotCom that makes it any better than any other affiliate network. The major difference seems to be the larger names they have (like Sears, etc). The problem is that they want to push coupon-like links and banners. I’d love to see something where we’re able to write a post on a product or service we love rather than offer something people could find in one of those folding dead trees some people still get on Sundays.

    Personally, I make about 30% of my revenue off these two text link ads on the right side. That’s pretty good for a small advertising space, but still not good enough to live off of.

    I’m now looking for sponsorships, which might pay better and will be complimentary to my readership (you).

  3. ThePete says:

    Yeah, I think when it comes to having stuff you believe in on your site, it may become a situation where you have to contact people with products you believe in and ask them about sponsorship. That’s my only guess, anyway. But I’ll keep watching your blog in case you come across anything ^_^

  4. Tom says:

    I know about a few services (from a co-worker) that will pay bloggers to write / review certain products. For instance Nikon might pay a high-ranked photography blogger to write a review of the D300. Of course, such offers aren’t widespread available.

    The other thing (as I mentioned somewhere else on this website) is to find a company that actively seeks after sponsors. Google adSense’s program just lists links they “think” are in relation (and interesting to your readers) with your content. They can’t guarantee a listing however and that’s why it’s not delivering enough (unless you own digg.com) to live of.

    What you should try to find is a company that actively seeks after sponsorship for your website. If they find a possible candidate, they offer him a sponsorship contract. Before anything is signed, they of course contact the website owner first to know if he’d allow the sponsor on his/her website. If you come to an agreement, the pay out is much higher compared to other programs I’ve seen. The downside is ofcourse, Google adSense is always available. The other type of service is only available when they find someone willing to sponsor.

    The company that offers such services (Belgium) is http://www.adhese.com/ – they even have a dedicated program for blog sponsorship.

  5. stvn says:

    i am in similar position. I don’t want to put crap on my blog for fear someone might actually buy it and the guilt would come in as i cash in

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