Testing an Adwords Competitor, Oxado

In the spirit of not being the spawn of satan, and as I’ve done in the past, I’m making sure to document any advertisement and sponsorship tests I do with this blog. I’m learning along the way, so I figured I should (1) let my lovely friends (a.k.a. “readers” by people who have no heart) know what I’m testing out and whether or not it’s any good (both monetarily and ethically) and (2) teach others from my mistakes.

Yesterday I found Oxado (aff), an Adsense competitor/alternative. As you might see in the sidebar today, I’ve installed the advertisement rotator thingy. It rotates, which I thought was interesting.

Here’s what I know about Oxado so far:

  1. They’re a French company, which is interesting. I’m wondering if getting paid in Euro will help make a small bit more than getting paid in dollars.
  2. Their advertising engine comes from Yahoo and a few others. I’m not sure how relevant it will be, or what the difference in payment will be, but it’s worth a shot.
  3. They have some weird ad formats. I’m cool with that. I have never liked rotating, distracting things, but hey, I gave UserCash a try and that’s pretty much my ethical limit. This one is more like a UI no-no that I’m crossing. Remember, this is just a test.
  4. I think I might be breaking the Adsense TOS, but I don’t really care right now. It’s just a test. I also don’t know for sure and I’m not reading their long-ass TOS to find out. Ah, happy ignorance. (Update: Google and these ads don’t play nicely on the same page. I have to remove Adsense from the sidebar to get it to work at all. Bummer.)

As always, I’m interested in your feedback. What do you think about this type of advertisement?

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4 Comments on "Testing an Adwords Competitor, Oxado"

  1. nate says:

    Ok, well, I’ve tested it for a day and it’s certainly not context sensitive. Certainly something is not right with their contextual indexing.

    I might keep it and use it in certain other places. But for now, I’m going to put Google Adsense back.

  2. Just visited the brand spanking new Technorati and ended up here; somehow I missed this post the first time around.

    At this point I’m not experimenting with ads, but with content increases (no sense in airing the ads if the content is low); just added a Sphere widget to see what happens.

  3. Jenn says:

    Yup pretty sure you are breaking TOS. Generally they don’t investigate your account until paytime. They are really really strick. As a fellow Adsense user I would strongly advise you at least to look over the TOS.

    Here are a few.

    # No Blackhat SEO
    # No using the words Google or Adsense or any variation in your domainname.
    # No Clicking on your own links
    # No auto traffic exchanges (not sure about manual)
    # No asking people to click on your google adsense ads
    # No altering the ads in any way shape or form
    # No joining clubs or sites that encourage the clicking of adsense links.
    # Site must have related Valuable content.
    # The only PPC sponsor ads on a page must be Google
    # No porn, gambling or illegal activity.
    # No more than 3 ad blocks, one link box and 2 search boxes per page.

    I think these are the major ones. : ) If I am wrong about any or forgot any big ones please let me know!

    If you are really serious about adsense and affiliate marketing, check out earn1Kaday.com.

  4. nate says:

    Update: I removed Oxado from this site, but, Jenn, I didn’t have them up at the same time I had Adsense available, so it wasn’t breaking the TOS.

    I am serious about it, but I’m not going to pay someone (earn1kaday.com). I’ve paid for enough of those programs and wasted my money. Thanks, but no thanks.

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