Who Flipped The Adsense Switch On?

Ok, sorry about this little post (because some of you don’t want to hear how I’m making money off of my visitors), but I’m wondering if others are experiencing the same thing I am. The history of using Adsense on my blog has sucked for making money. Well, not exactly sucked, but certainly has not been optimal.

Ok, I take that back, it sucked. I mean, i get over 70k hits on my site each month. I know I could be making more than I have been.

The thing is, about a week ago, it all changed. The CTR is about the same, but the price for a click must have gone up. Christmas season? Maybe it’s that I’m writing content which gets higher prices? Maybe not. The ads look the same to me.

I am trying to find competitors and alternatives. Specifically sponsors.

Has anyone else seen an increase in revenue from Adsense in the past week or so?

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