Photo Galleries You Get Paid to Have

I just found ShareAPic which is a twist to the old Photobucket standby (“we’ll host your photos for free”.. cough.. and take ad revenue from your content). ShareAPic gives you the ability to create photo galleries and the like, similar to other photo sharing places, but they will pay you something like 22 cents per 1000 hits on their site.

Obviously they’re making a killing off this arbitrage, but hey, I’ll try it out. I’ve tried sketchier things before, and this one actually pays you to create a gallery so you can host your photos. Not bad since most people ignore advertising anyway, except those crazy mid-western chicks.

To test it, I’ve uploaded a zillion photos, mostly of Greece, a few of Angelina Jolie, and some random other stuff. I have no idea how to optimize this potential revenue source, other than splashing a photo on my blog posts and other places. So, let’s try it.

Update: There’s also this nice pretty rotator thingy to use, which might come in handy with some other ideas too. Public Gallery RSS Feed

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There, now that wasn’t so hard. Let’s see what happens in the long run. The optimized thumbnail photos seem to load relatively fast too, which is always good.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, they pay you via Paypal within 7 days. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Make photo galleries like crazy. Get paid for it. What’s not to like.

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4 Comments on "Photo Galleries You Get Paid to Have"

  1. nate says:

    As a side question, what are some ideas of how to get a bunch of hits on these photos and add some serious value to end-users? Any ideas? Anyone up for a joint venture on this one?

  2. nate says:

    yep, I can confirm it is 22 cents per 1000 picture views. Bit think about that for a second. Let’s do the math. I get about 70,000 view son this blog each month. If I put 2 photos at the bottom of the sidebar, that’s about 140,000 hits on photos x .00022 = $30 per month I wasn’t getting before. I think I will actually try this one on a larger scale since that’s about 1/3 of what I’m making per month off this blog right now anyway.

    Not bad for a tired slightly intoxicated person’s math. Yay for calculators too.

  3. dailytwitter says:

    would be actually useful if you could just point it at your Flickr and FB collections – then i would consider


  4. nate says:

    I fully agree. The downside to it all is that there’s no apps that I know of which use remote links to files. They all internalize the file itself. Bummer.

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