50 Photos Project: Open for Submissions


On December 2nd I had a problem with sleeping. Those problems usually end up in crazy wild projects that run through my mind until I find some way of dismissing it or doing it. That particular night turned a few hours into a viable, awesome project called 50 photos.

The idea behind the 50 photos project

The idea behind it is simple.

  1. Find 50 of the most awesome photos I could find on Flickr which are Creative Commons licensed (usually indicating awesome people) and within a particular theme
  2. Ask said photographers if they would like to get paid $1 per book for each photo of theirs included in the book.
  3. Limit the printing of the book (creating scarcity)
  4. Once everyone is on board, get the best printer possible and setup for printing/ordering
  5. Market the book to those who want awesome original art/photographs.

So far the plan has gone very well. 28 photographers with 37 photographs have accepted this proposal.

How can you be a part of the 50 photos project?

We have some spaces left over because I was unable to contact and receive a response from some of the photographers selected. So, we’re opening the 50 photos project for submissions.

You can see the submission guidelines at the bottom of the photographers page. Please just drop in the url to your flickr photo which you would like to submit.

Please, pass this along to your photographer friends. Thank you.

Oh, and the theme for this book is “Old”.

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2 Comments on "50 Photos Project: Open for Submissions"

  1. Julia Roy says:

    I passed this along to a photographer friend of mine. Great stuff!

  2. nate says:

    Awesome, thanks Julia.

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