Happy Gnu Year Email

When someone writes me an email that has the subject of “Happy Gnu Year”, they better be ready for the reply.

The Reply


We’re good. I wouldn’t worry about the Christmas cards. They’re an outdated (and ecologically unsound) method of sending pictures, updates, and happiness anyway. I’d much prefer not to send those things, but hey, I’m only half of “us”. So, don’t feel bad about not sending those to me. heh. We know you love us already.

Christmas was good times. We went to B’ham and spent a whole week up there. It was good and I’m happy to be back in the sunshine. I’m sitting outside on our deck right now, probably because of my temperature controlled body system hasn’t yet adapted to the above-effing-freezing temperatures now surrounding my skin.

Christmas lasted forever this year though. I never thought I’d ever hear Tilly say “I’m over it” referring to the Christmas season (and not to my ruggedly unshaven good looking face). But, she did. We had Christmas for about 2 weeks (minus the presents because we’re too cheap for a hanukkah-like distribution of loot).

Maui and May sound wonderful. They sound similar too… but not Maui in May. Although I won’t resist if someone gives us (read drops) tickets (near us) either. Or, if we win the lotto. Damn the fact that you have to play to win. Maybe my plan (muah hah hah) to take over the world will be finished by then and we can bring Maui closer, get a hoverboat, and line up all the celery in the world and drive on top of it like a bridge. Ah, they told us to dream big huh? They had no idea what they were in for.

Well, in closing, I’d like to ask that you send us a “Wish you were here” card while you’re there. Because who cares about ecology and trends when you’re in Hawaii anyway?

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3 Comments on "Happy Gnu Year Email"

  1. Eddy says:

    lol … but know one will ever read that eh? ;)

  2. nate says:

    oh trust me, they’ve seen it. Replied without missing a beat this morning.

  3. If scientists (and they’re sometimes twisted facts about what’s really going on) happened to be right about global warming, we could experience Maui by visiting Minnesota!

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