Duh Gallery, the WordPress Photo Gallery, upgraded

Thanks to Mark Edwards of Simpler Computing, there has been a long-awaited upgrade to the Duh Gallery (the wordpress photo gallery plugin).

Mark was kind enough to make the following changes:

  • changed code structure to be a bit simpler
  • removed class wrapper
  • removed the use of do_action to speed up processing
  • added detection of ‘upload_dir’ from the WordPress database, and if it’s not set some can edit this code
  • to define the exact dir if they want to
  • added a page template, “duh_gallery_template.php”
  • Note: To create a new page that uses the template, create a new page and set its Page Template to use duh_galler_template.

Demo: Here’s a working demo of the Duh Gallery

Original Release: Here’s the Original Release Page for the WP photo plugin.

Download: Here’s the Download page for the most recent revision.


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3 Comments on "Duh Gallery, the WordPress Photo Gallery, upgraded"

  1. I’m happy that the Duh Gallery, the WordPress Photo Gallery is upgraded.

  2. nate says:

    And I’m happy that you’re happy. :) Thanks for the comment.

  3. Poly says:

    Does Duh gallery works on PHP version 4.4.9?

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