How to Find New Music Using Social Media

So, I admit that yes, I have quite a few followers on Twitter.  I’m no Chris Brogan though.  But, I’ve been in a new-music slump these days and wanted to test the power of social media.

No, I take that back.  I’m just lazy.  I know that social media is powerful.

When I went to sleep last night I was wishing I could have some new music to listen to when I woke up.  My last post of the evening was asking a simple question.

Name your top 5 bands in order in 140 characters or less

Here are the very happy results this morning:

So, to those of you who think Twitter is useless and that social media doesn’t yield results… You’re welcome for the new music. Enjoy.

And thanks to everyone who responded. My ears are happier.

Nate Ritter lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

3 Comments on "How to Find New Music Using Social Media"

  1. BoBtimusPrime says:

    Right on man! I used Twitter for the same reason last night. Asked for recommendations on good Indian food in the area and got better information from my Twitter followers than I did from Yelp!. Found a great place and me and my girlfriend had some awesome Indian dinner! #nom!

  2. Mr. Boston says:

    Homie you know all you gotta do is send me an email and I woulda sent you like 5 mixtapes with stuff you’ve never heard before. C’mon now… I feel unloved

    Is it because I’m not on twitter?
    Is this why?

    Talk to me goose

  3. nate says:

    Hah… sorry man. Yea, Twitter just makes it easy to ask. Just experimenting. :) The point is the same though… friends and awesome people are the best way to find cool stuff.

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