20 Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming soon (May 9th in the US) and since at least 50% of us in the world have at least a couple moms. It could be time consuming having to come up with something unique for a gift for Mother’s Day. So, instead of it being a chore, I’m here to give you some unique gift ideas that I think your mom(s) will love.

So, I’m actually being a little proactive here and shelling out both traditional and unique gift ideas. Of course, every mother is different, and each relationship is different, so you can’t expect all of these gift ideas to be pertinent to your mom. This is just a beginners list, so please add your ideas in the comments if you have some good ideas too.

To mom.. Happy Mother's Day! (image credit: wadefromoklahoma on flickr)

To mom.. Happy Mother's Day! (image credit: wadefromoklahoma on flickr)

The list of Gift Ideas for your Mother’s Day

  1. Perfume
  2. A body lotion gift set
  3. Unique candle gift set
  4. Bath and body sprays and creams
  5. Roses
  6. Other types of flowers
  7. Citrus spa gift basket
  8. Luxury spa gift basket
  9. Fresh baked goodness
  10. Calming candles
  11. Taste of Tuscany gift basket
  12. Tea gift basket
  13. Basket o’ chocolate
  14. An exotic plant
  15. A gourmet meal, delivered to her door *
  16. A photo of your family put to canvas*
  17. A gift card to a wine club *
  18. A wine club subscription *
  19. Bus, wine or adventure travel tour
  20. Mother’s Day cruises (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner) *

Personally, I like quite a few of these on this list. I added some Mother’s day gifts that are pretty typical, but then there’s some really unique ones for your unique mothers on there too.

What other great Mother’s Day gifts can you think of? What are you going to do for your mom on Mother’s day?

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16 Comments on "20 Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas"

  1. Idaq says:

    How about taking your mom to dinner at her favorite restaurant or the ballgame or other sport activity? I bet she would love to spend a few others with you. Or if that is not possible, how about a spa certificate?

  2. Happy Mothers Day says:

    Very good ideas. Thank you

  3. Tell all the moms you know! I found a great Mother’s Day gift for family & friends. Ceiva digital photo frames receive photos sent from anywhere in the world – even from camera phones & iPhones. Right now they have a coupon for 20% off on their website at http://www.ceiva.com


  4. prince says:

    These your recommendations are good, thank you

  5. Collagist says:

    What about personalized photo collage on photo or canvas?

  6. Carrie says:

    What about some personalized M&Ms with her childrens pictures on them in a nice facey glass container

  7. Carrie says:

    What about a pillow made with the family potriat on it

  8. nate says:

    Wow, some of these are great recommendations! When I get a spare moment I’ll update the post to include everyone’s additions! Thanks so much for the suggestions.

    Well done peeps!

  9. Monique says:

    Here’s another great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. I discovered it in a magazine today, its http://www.ccforlife.com on this website you can order personally engraved pendants or rings. Its actually pretty amazing. I know thats what I’m doing for my mom. and the price is very resonable too! Check er’ out!!

  10. MisoSoup says:

    how about a beautiful Celine Scarf set or something pretty? these don’t have to cost a bomb… this site has some pretty good deals http://www.saffronbleu.com/categories.php?category=Mother's-Day-Gifts.

    Cheers! Happy Mother’s Day :)

  11. Reb says:

    How about a day of pampering for your mother at a day spa as a token of appreciation for all she has done? Add to the day by giving her a monogrammed robe to be pampered in? I found a great site that has these types of robes http://www.elegantlinenspc.com/robessc.htm. You should check them out and give mom something to not only pamper her for a day but keep that pampered feeing at home.

  12. Just me says:

    Those are all good ideas. I also like these shirts for the “young at heart” moms at http://www.so-medesigns.com.

  13. Mothers Day Gift Baskets says:

    http://www.giftwithabasket.com is a good site to give you some ideas for a gift basket to make mom or if you want to order from them they offer free shipping in Canada.

  14. jovanka says:

    Those are great idea but I think being a good family for her is enough already right ?

    So keep on doing good for your mom ok !

  15. Gift Ideas for Men says:

    Amongst the gift ideas on the list, I would love to give her the Mother’s Day Cruise. I think this would be the grandest. I just wish that I could afford to give her something as luxurious as this.

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