San Diego Microfinance Summit

Here’s the 30 minute keynote speech by Lynn McMullen, the Managing Director of the newly launched Global Democratic Citizens Union (GDCU), educating Americans on the impact of our economic and political policies on the rest of the world by taking people to bear witness to poverty, AIDS, international debt and war, the “spiral of despair” currently fueling unimaginable suffering in our human family. She’s a great speaker and is friends with many of the founders of the microfinance concept.

I have a few notes on the subject as well that I’ll probably be including in future blog posts, but for now, I’ll leave you with that video. Get inspired! Leave your comments below, please.

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One Comment on "San Diego Microfinance Summit"

  1. nate says:

    My apologies that the volume is so low on the video. With no external mic on the iPhone, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. At least you’re still able to hear it if you turn your speakers up.

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