Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is getting closer and closer (June 21 in the US, UK and Canada). Following up on my list of Mother’s Day gift ideas, I figured I ought to do one for Dad’s Day gift ideas too. We had some great, unique gift ideas in the comments and that was fun, so let’s try this again.

Please, add your awesome Father’s Day gift ideas in the comments and I’ll probably add them to this post if I think the’re cool and/or unique enough.

The great list of Gift Ideas for your Pops on Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day! (image credit davef3138)

Happy Father's Day! (image credit davef3138)

  1. A family photo put on canvas for wall art *
  2. A steak dinner, delivered to his door *
  3. A gift card to a wine club for the wine drinker
  4. Sightseeing tour for the adventure-seeking dad
  5. Eco-friendly, recycled golf balls
  6. Tailgating swing-out grill
  7. A new cell phone (for free)
  8. Wall art for your dad’s office
  9. A mini tennis court for the driveway
  10. Personalized golf balls from Schwetty Balls (not even kidding)
  11. T-shirts and other stuff from Old Guys Rule
  12. Other funny t-shirts
  13. Laptop or travel bag for the father on the move
  14. Old fashioned shaving stuff for the dad who likes it done the old fashioned way.
  15. For the geeky dad, geek gadgets and gifts (Use coupon code: DEALNEWS and this link for free FedEx shipping)
  16. Poker supplies for your dad’s weekly poker games
  17. Make your own father’s day card, calendar, poster, or book for him (free 5×5 photo book via this link)

Honestly, I wish I had a child so I could get a few of these as presents on a day that’s 6 months away from my birthday. That would be sweet. Some of the gifts are pretty typical, but others would be an awesome gift to give your dad. Remember, it’s not too far away… might want to start looking just a little early this year, otherwise you’ll end up getting him that same ‘ol generic tie.

What other great Father’s Day gifts can you think of? What are you going to do for your dad on Father’s day?

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5 Comments on "Father’s Day Gift Ideas"

  1. Presents says:

    For example, you can purchase CDs if he is fond of listening to music.

  2. Ash says:

    Nate, for #14, you can add a couple more vendors. westcoastshaving.com is located in Cali, vintagebladesllc.com is solid, and old guys can learn how to do it right on badgerandblade.com


  3. nate says:

    Great ideas. I’ll look into those.

  4. Sugar Jones says:

    Great gift ideas. I’m totally getting that tailgate grill… for my husband, right? (I love that thing!)

  5. nate says:

    Yea, that thing is awesome. If I had a car (and a kid I suppose), I’d want that too. Good call…

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