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Since the creation of my WordPress photo plugin called Duh Gallery, hundreds of thousands of people have hit this blog looking for the perfect photo gallery. It’s been years since that plugin was created, but today there are even better options available. I’m going to mention a few amazing photo galleries you can quickly and easily build using WordPress.

ePhoto: WordPress Photo Gallery Theme

ePhoto by Elegant ThemesThis is by far one of the more beautiful themes I’ve seen.  That being so, it’s not free.  But at $19.95, it’s cheaper than most other themes I’ve seen, even non-photo related.  The nice part about purchasing a theme (like this one) is the support that comes along with it.  For those of you who are new to using WordPress and custom themes and plugins, support can be a major time-saver.

Anyway, the theme itself is very well done.  It shows off your beautiful photography with a nifty photo slider at the top.

You can find this one at Elegant Themes.

Next Gen Gallery: WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

NextGen Photo Gallery Plugin

NextGen Photo Gallery Plugin

The NextGen WordPress Plugin is one amazing plugin.  This one is free, and it’s been downloaded over a million times.  The screenshot doesn’t do it justice as it works with just about any theme you use.  It’s highly configurable and includes a few things to make it pretty like rounded corners, mirrored effects for your photos, and lightbox effects.  This one is worth checking out if you already have a theme you like an just want to integrate a new way to display your photos.

You can find this plugin at the WordPress Codex.

Black Canvas: WordPress Photo Gallery Theme

Black Canvas Theme by Studio PressStudioPress created this beautiful Pro Theme called Black Canvas. It, similar to ePhoto, is designed with the professional photographer in mind.  This theme highlights one photo on the front page with a subset of photos below it.  It includes an RSS feed, your company information in the footer, thumbnail photos, and the ability to track statistics using Google Analytics.  This one also includes lifetime support from Studio Press and some tutorials on how to configure it.

You can find this photography theme at StudioPress.

PhotoBlog: WPZOOM

PhotoBlog by WPZOOM

I found this one after I had already written the post, but I think it’s pretty decent looking too. This theme also includes a slideshow, but also has a “favorites” feature, which looks pretty good. It also has links to social media sites and a few different types of themes inside one. Also, WPZOOM has a few widgets that they produced themselves and include in all their themes. Last but not least, this photo blog theme has auto-cropping and gravatar support.

You can find PhotoBlog over at WPZOOM.


I just took a few minutes to look around and see if I could find some good photo themes and plugins. These are the best I came up with, but if you know others that I should have here, please say so in the comments.

Update: I did just fine a whole slew of good looking themes at Theme Forest. I’ve used a few themes from them and I generally find them very good. I highly recommend them for great prices on very professional themes.

Happy photo-blogging!

Disclaimer: Yes, I will make some money from a few of the sites I listed here if you purchase from them. Yes, I do actually like the sites I’m promoting here, and yes, I would be happy to promote non-paid themes and plugins too.. but only if they are good. I’m a fan of quality.

Nate Ritter lives in Austin, Texas (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

9 Comments on "WordPress Photo Gallery Themes"

  1. Pasyuk says:

    Hey! There is cool flash gallery plugin for wordpress to make your theme realy nice. Named GRAND Flash Album Gallery – multi category flash skin based photo gallery with powerful admin. Thanks!

  2. Katie says:

    ePhoto is a great Photo theme. Do you know any theme which has people.com like photo gallery?

    • nate says:

      I wish I did. I’ll look around and see what I can find though, if anything. Thanks for the comment Katie

  3. Robert Delfs says:

    Thank you very much for pulling this information together. I’ve just installed WordPress, assuming that I’d be able to find plugins like these, but it hasn’t been that easy.

    A lot of the plugins listed on the official plugin site or which popped up near the top of my google searches were clearly not what I was looking for, and many also appeared to be unfinished products on which development had ceased years ago. ePhoto and BlackCanvas both look very good. Thanks!

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