50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Some Anniversary Gifts for the 50th Wedding Anniversary – The Golden Anniversary

Making it fifty years married is pretty amazing. Most people haven’t even lived that long. So, what do you get the couple who’s probably lived together for more years than we’ve been alive? Here’s a few relatively unique ideas for you.

Love the 50th time around

Love the 50th time around

Many couples don’t even want gifts at all. Give a gift of your time and help. Make up “Gift of Time” or “Labor of Love” coupons to take them out to their favorite restaurant, make them a home-cooked meal, chauffeur them on a shopping trip, run errands for them, take them to a show or movie, have a local landscaping company take care of their property, have their home repainted. Find out what will make a difference in the quality of their life.

Your love and attention will be the most appreciated 50th wedding anniversary gift you can give your parents or a couple. Make the time for those you love!

Whew… even writing this article was difficult. There’s obviously a lack of creative gifts for 50th anniversaries. I hope this list helps just a little more. Good luck! And congratulate the amazing couple for their long-lasting love for each other! :)

If you have any more ideas, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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2 Comments on "50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts"

  1. Arlene Chase says:

    These are are good ideas. Remember if they celebrate their 50 years, they are more than likely in their 70s. A gift of a cruise would be most remembered and loved.

  2. Amber says:

    Convert any old Super 8 film reels, VHS and beta cassettes to DVD. They’ll have fun reliving the memories, and the younger generation will get to hear all sorts of new stories.

    Another fun gift is a digital photo frame, preferably one that comes with an upload service that other family members can access and add their own photos to. Preload the frame with scanned photographs from the couple’s wedding and early years together, then let the rest of the family contribute their favorite photos of them together.

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