List of WordPress Portfolio Themes

With the myriad of WordPress theme sites out there, I thought I’d just focus on the portfolio themes for a bit, and write up a little list here.

Please feel free to submit any others you think are cool in the comments below.

The List of Portfolio Themes for WordPress

My Resume (less like a portfolio, but still kinda cool)

My Resume - WordPress Portfolio / Resume Theme

Deep Focus – Elegant Themes WordPress Portfolio

Deep Focus - a WordPress Portfolio Theme


Phazed - a wordpress portfolio theme


Creatic - A Creative Portfolio Theme for WordPress


FolioWay - A WordPress Portfolio Theme


MediaReel - another portfolio theme for wordpress


Architectos - Portfolio Theme for architects


Perfekto - Minimal Portfolio Theme for WordPress


Minim - An awesome wordpress portfolio theme

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang - Portfolio theme

Awesome Portfolio Theme

Awesome Portfolio Theme - for WordPress

Conclusion… too many to list… go here

After looking around at so many cool portfolio WordPress themes, I have to suggest you check out this site for a whole huge list of truly inexpensive possibilities for a new portfolio site.

Update: Here’s my Pinterest Board where I’m going to collect a bunch more portfolio themes.

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One Comment on "List of WordPress Portfolio Themes"

  1. Steffan says:

    This made me smile. Not only did I see you pinning these the other night (thanks by the way for accidentally flooding my facebook newsfeed ;-)), but it confirms something for me – we have similar tastes for design. I have at least half of these bookmarked and I actually bought Creatic yesterday for fun to play with (it’s on my blog in an only-slightly customized form as of last night). It’s a really nice take on the teehan+lax site (which is the obvious primary influence).

    I dug the Folioway portfolio when it was released a few months ago, but it’s not nearly as slick and useable as the Yin&Yang ajax portfolio that has great navigation between portfolio items and the built in slider for each item + video support. I almost bought Yin&Yang instead of Creatic last night. It sets a high bar similar to Orman Clark’s theme Garnish, and one of the newer themes Prolio, which I also love. Creatic just has some good potential for some full-screen background action, so I went with that. I’m into full-screen sliders right now. There arent many themes out there that use them creatively but done well, i think they really add a lot of pop.

    I really dig super minimal, usable structure ( is a gold standard, etc). That mixed with a creative use of responsive deisng and a full-screen slider and I’m pretty much in design nirvana.

    I’d add Orman Clark’s Themeforest Themes Garnish, Classica and Scope to this list, and maybe Peerapong’s Rhea (not a traditional portfolio, but that full-screen flip gallery would make a sweet portfolio for a great photoshoper). Oh yeah, and Prolio.

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