Daybreak and 5 Other Unconventional Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

In Los Angeles, some white collar workers rise early to hit the dance floor before hitting the morning commute. It’s called Daybreaker, and it’s a “morning movement,” and it’s supposed to motivate and inspire workers. Early morning raving is a strange way for an employee to improve their productivity, but what’s the harm? The party doesn’t serve alcohol; instead, Daybreakers serve up healthy breakfast foods and drinks.

Daybreaker’s co-founder, Radha Agrawal, explains Daybreaker:

“The average person, you wake up you’re kind of trudging to work, right? We said, ‘What if as a social experiment, we started this really fun early morning dance party that starts your day off unlike anything else, and that sort of brings a little mischief to your life during the week?”

The whole point is to help motivate workers, so they get to work feeling “turnt up,” an expression millennials use to describe feelings of euphoria and excitement. According to The Center for Generational Kinetics’ Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Dorsey, the events really do work to inspire young workers. He said the events are a great source of “morale, fun and energy for the people participating.”

Daybreaker is popular with millennials, but it’s unlikely it will catch on with an older generation. It’s more of a millennial thing, so if your business employs a bunch of twenty-somethings, tickets to one of these events would be a great way to inspire them to be more productive at work.

Daybreakers is a great example of something really wild and random that can have positive results on employee productivity, which can lead to increased profits. If your team is more of a mixed bag, or you can’t afford to send the entire office to an early morning rave, here are some productivity improving tips to help keep your crew motivated.

  1. Choose a Better Internet Provider

Frustrated workers are not productive, so don’t settle for slow and unresponsive Internet. Seek a Los Angeles broadband provider–or, the best in your service area–that offers business class Internet services. If you reduce packet loss, increase speed, and optimize for apps, your employees will thank you.

  1. Have a Morning Party At-Work

You can recreate the Daybreaker atmosphere at work. Of course, you’ll be missing the endless strobe lights and glitter, but you can provide breakfast, good music, dimmed lights, and the opportunity to shake away a little stress before work.

  1. Offer Rewards for Good Work

Offering an incentive is a great way to get employees to work harder and faster. Give the best and hardest worker a gift card, a vacation day, or some other incentive. Employees are often motivated by goals that involve rewards, but they must be attainable goals in order to truly be effective.

  1. Encourage Breaks

According to the article, “4 Unconventional Ways to Increase Employee Productivity,” mandatory fun is a great way to “reduce mental fatigue, increase collaboration and morale, and offer employees the opportunity to clear their heads.” The article recommends maintaining a budget to allow for celebratory breaks, such as a birthday party or team lunch. These activities “boost team spirit and culture.”

  1. Offer “Family-Care” Programs

According to the article referenced in the paragraph above, you should “Help employees manage their personal and professional lives with programs and services that help them address the most pressing and stressful needs in their lives: their families…Think about how you can help them take care of their aging parents, their pets and their households, too.”

You don’t need to attend a formal event to reap the productive benefits of early morning partying. Just ask your customers to come into work ready to rock. Give them something fresh and delicious to drink, pump up the jams, and have some fun before work starts.


Nate Ritter lives in Austin, Texas (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

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