5 Major New Trends in Web Hosting

Let’s have a moment of candor: It’s hard to get excited about web hosting. Even if you happen to have a website that needs to be hosted, web hosting is not what gets you pumped up when planning your big venture. Web hosting is more like the plumbing that runs underneath the house. Even in a luxury home, the closest you ever want to come to thinking about the plumbing is the lovingly crafted faucets and fixtures.

But websites do not run on clouds; they run on hard drives, big, expensive, managed hard drives. You don’t have the iron for the job. That’s why, even if you are not excited about it, you absolutely have to care. Fortunately, there is excitement to be found in the web hosting world. Here are some of the latest trends of which you should definitely be aware:

Lower Prices

Many hosting services have received industry accolades. It is possible to find a company boasting many such accolades with full-featured services starting at $4 per month. This trend of low-cost web hosting is sweeping the net, as competitive forces drive prices within reach of the average person. That means that price shopping is less important. One can choose based on features and benefits.


In the early days of web hosting, disk space, data transfers, and email were limited and expensive. Services like e-commerce and tech support were extras. Today, companies like Arvixe web hosting offer unlimited disk space, data transfers, and email. No longer do you have to get out a calculator to figure out how many megabytes you can afford to manage. In a world where unlimited data is an accessible reality, you can focus more of your energy on other challenges, such as online security.

Niche Hosting

Not all businesses are created equally. So why settle for a host that treats all businesses as if they were the same? While there is some benefit to the jack of all trades approach, there is also benefit in mastering one. To that end, there are hosting services that specialize in blogs, others, serving up remote applications. If your web business involves collecting and storing a lot of personal information from users of your service, you will want to choose a host that specializes in data security and threat protection. Business Hosting Provider offers this insight:

While lots of web hosts tend to provide tiered services to appeal to everyone who has a website – or who is thinking of getting one – there is also the possibility of focusing on a specific sector of the business. Some web hosts, for example, offer services specifically aimed at business websites. Whether this becomes more of a trend in the future, however, remains to be seen.

More Choice

More companies whose business is the Internet, are getting into hosting as a natural outgrowth of what they are already doing. Amazon is a perfect example of this. They started out as a simple, online bookstore. Now, their web services branch is a $5B business.

Other companies defined by their web presence are Netflix, Facebook, and Google. Among the biggest consumers of web services, it is not inconceivable that they will one day be among the biggest providers. Apple used to offer a rudimentary personal hosting service to their users. It is possible they will one day reenter the space. Even without those big players, there is now more choice than ever. And that is usually a very good thing.

All-in-One Services

There was a time when hosting services were little more than hard drive space for your website. Today, hosting services are one-stop-shops for all your needs including domain names, site building, and web design. University Chronicle provided an example of many such packages. You no longer have to get bits and pieces from all over the Internet. Your service of choice likely provides everything you need.

Maybe web hosting is more exciting than we thought.

Nate Ritter lives in Austin, Texas (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

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