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State of the Union’s Economy: Ads on Kids’ Tests

The banks got a bailout, the Big 3 Automakers are begging on the streetcorner like pandhandlers, but when we force our schools to sell advertisements on kids’ tests we know we’ve sunk to a new low.

Normally, I don’t post videos or comment on the news.  But, something just hits me as smelling like a dead fish behind the couch when we have to subject our kids to new advertisement methods.  Can’t we figure out another way to make money for our schools?

The first part of this video is what I’m talking about.  I just didn’t have the time to edit it to make it shorter and cut out the rest of the broadcast.

Teachers Sell Ads on Tests, Money for Supplies from nate ritter on Vimeo.

I do have to give credit to the teacher who thought of the idea… at least it works. It’s just sad that this is what we’ve resorted to to be able to fund the teaching process.