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This is the Way to be Happier and Motivated

From the brilliant Eric Barker’s post titled “This Is The Most Inspiring Way To Be Happier And More Motivated” (which contains all the research and explanation goodies) …

Here’s what we learned about elevation — the best way to be happier:

  • Watch inspiring movies: Seeing stories of others doing good makes you happier and makes you want to be good.
  • Write about the good moments: Thinking’s nice but writing is better.
  • Spend time with good people: Hang out with the good kids, like mom told you.
  • Do good to be good: Be the one who elevates others and karma can be a very real thing.

Happiness doesn’t need to be selfish. And neither do you.

Please go read his post. It’s chalked full of amazing tidbits which are amazingly insightful.

I highly suggest also taking the time to watch this short video as well. It’s inspirational.