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by Sondra Santos LaBrie

When Nate first asked me to write a guest post for Perfect Space, I jumped at the chance, after all, the business I’m involved in is all about creating perfect relationships in all aspects of one’s life. I thought it’d be fitting to introduce my services and explain how I can help people create and maintain perfect relationships in their lives.

First, let’s step back and talk about that word – perfection.

We joke with one another all the time about our imperfections. None of us will claim to be perfect and parents, whom I work with regularly, make light of the fact that they love their children despite their imperfections. At the same time, we acknowledge that babies come into this world as perfect individuals. So what happens? What or when is that defining moment when we start to become anything less than perfect?

None of us come with operating manuals or instructions like those we receive with just about every new addition we bring into our lives. From washing machines to vitamins, there’s pretty much a set of directions on everything these days. Or warning labels!

Imagine having an operating manual for yourself, complete with instructions on what to do, and who to surround yourself with in order to run at your optimum. Now imagine having a warning label as well, knowing which types of activities and people take energy away from you. I have that operating manual and my life is no longer the same since I’ve been “validated” by those within the Y.O.U. Consulting Group (YCG).

After becoming a Level III Practitioner and applying the Knowledge of Y.O.U. (your own understanding) to my life, I can honestly say that I have finally embraced not only who I am, but what I am, the perfect individual that came into this world 30-some years ago. I know what type of activities rob me of valuable energy and I know who I need to surround myself with, both personally and professionally, in order to be at my best.

The training I’ve completed to become a practitioner  has given me a whole new outlook on life.  Now, I am able to look at others and see exactly what they are and validate and accept them completely. We are each as unique as fingerprints or snowflakes. What works for one may not, and should not, work for another.  It’s this knowledge that keeps us all moving forward on a clean and clear path towards realistic goals.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me directly for details regarding The Ultimate Life Tool, an online assessment which will provide you with your very own operating manual. YCG has worked with companies, schools, couples and individuals to help them optimize their energy, grow their business and stabilize their relationships.

I invite you to watch this video (not related to YCG) to see just what we mean by “validation.” 

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