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The 99% Don’t Own Businesses

Now that the news channels have let go of making the #Occupy stuff, I feel like I can talk about it a bit. This post won’t come anywhere near what I believe as a whole about it, but we’ll make this a start of dialogue now that we can all be a little more rational.

One interesting fact Scott Shane mentioned recently was the “Top One Percent” (in the US) own businesses. Honestly, I’m not surprised.  But, it is nice to bring it to be explicit and have this knowledge at our the forefront of our brains.

Source: Created from data from the IRS Statistics of Income

Think about it.  There’s all these people who are running around ticked off (with no particular common reason, which is a different post altogether), and nobody is at work. Either they are out of jobs, or think their particular job is inconsequential enough to ignore for a few days, weeks, or months.

Regardless of the things they’re rallying against, one thing is certain.  Hopefully everyone can now put two and two together and figure out that owning your own business is truly the only way to have any possible control over your own financial security.

Screw the banks.

Screw the bailouts.

Obviously there are macro-economics in play here which matter also in the long run. But, from the standpoint of the individual, voting with your jobs – perhaps by not having one – seems to continue to be the epicenter of change.

Trust me, there’s a movement going on.

It’s not Occupy. Occupying is passive.

It’s Become.  Becoming is active.

Become a business owner.  It’s tough, but you need to be tough.  The days of taking what people give you (a job) is over.  Jobs aren’t secure.  The only person who’s secure is the owner.  Become an owner.  Become the bourgeoisie.  You can be what you want to in this country, so Become.

Stop Occupying.